Questions Often Overlooked When Comparing Wedding Photographers in Vancouver

It’s not every day that you get married to your soul mate, the love of your life. Hence, you want to make every detail special and make sure that it is captured in photos or videos. There is no need to stress further the importance of choosing the best wedding photographer Vancouver as it is a universally-accepted fact. It is also important to note how asking your prospected photographer or team of photographers can help you in the selection process. These questions are designed to obtain crucial information that will determine whether they’re a good match for your needs.

When coming up with a list of questions to ask a photographer, you might already have a general idea. However, there are a few other important questions that you might forget to ask. You need to stop scratching the surface and be more in-depth when asking questions such as:

Can I examine the contract?

Even if you have spoken with or negotiated with a professional about photography packages, you still need to read the actual contract. The contract legally binds you with the services of photographers or videographers. It is your responsibility to read every single item in the contract before signing it.

In fact, you should never sign anything until you have examined the contract. You must be aware on what kind of services to expect and at what price you will be paying them for.

What is your experience level?

Hiring a wedding photographer is more than just about the skill. Experience is more valuable. There are several spontaneous events that could go on during a wedding ceremony and at the reception. A skilled photographer can prepare for all of the events about to happen at the venue.

However, an experienced photographer is better able to adapt to any situation and ensure that every moment is captured on film. In fact, these unexpected moments are what make a wedding memorable and special.

Do you provide direction when shooting at the wedding?

This is an important question to ask to ensure a smooth coverage. As a soon-to-be-wedded couple, you must be aware on how much direction the photography team will provide during the event.

An insight into their photographic approach will also help you when posing for photos. To capture great photos though, it must be a two-way street. You need to coordinate this with one another beforehand.

Do you have insurance?

Finally, this practical question must be asked when choosing wedding professionals to shoot on your big day. Make sure that the team you hired has insurance for their business. This will ensure that you would not incur additional costs later on, in case of theft or damage of photography equipment. This is inevitable with the number of people at the venue. Hence, you need to be protected to avoid incurring more expenses.

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Make the Most of Same Day Edit Packages for Your Wedding

When hiring a wedding photographer or videographer these days, it is quite common to come across SDE in the packages. If you are wondering what this means, it actually refers to same day edit wherein the group of video professionals shoot, edit and present clips of the wedding day at the reception. This provides wedding guests, as well as the bride and groom, a first glimpse into the wedding video. This video is often a short clip (roughly 5-10 minutes in length) that only makes up a small part of the full wedding video.

Most, if not all, videography teams catering to wedding coverage now offer this type of service in their wedding film packages. It is a great opportunity to see for the first time what went on in the first half of the wedding celebration. In fact, there are behind the scenes footages of the wedding preparation, as well as the actual ceremony. It will be shown via large screen for the guests to see at the reception.

When hiring a wedding coverage team, make sure you look closely into their cinematography packages to determine if they include this kind of service. This is often offered only by expert cinematographers because it takes a lot of skill and prowess to be able to pull this off. Same day edits can be highly stressful because you want to ensure that there are enough people covering the event while you do the editing on-site.

To make the most of your same day edit video, it is important to examine the equipment available for the coverage team. The most basic equipment that will be used is a large screen and projector. You need to speak to your wedding photographer and videographer if they will be the one providing this equipment or if you have to coordinate with the venue.

For the best viewing experience, ask the videography team if they are going to shoot and present the video in HD format. The quality of the film is crucial to ensure that every moment captured on video is shown in the highest possible quality. The team should have a back-up plan to ensure that they can show the video clip on-site even if some technical problems might arise.

A final word of warning though: expect to pay a higher price if you are going to avail of the same day edit packages on your wedding. The technical difficulty combined with the skills and equipment needed to pull this off combine to make this a challenging work.

If you want to save yourself from stress and capture photos or videos of high quality, you can expect Life Studios Inc. to deliver. The team is highly esteemed for having the best wedding photographer services in Vancouver, as well as SDE videos that can be shown on the venue. Hence, it provides the opportunity for guests at the wedding to get a glimpse of your magical day and share in the moment. Check out Life Studios Inc. online at to see the available packages for your wedding or to place an inquiry.

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Wedding Photographers in Sydney: The Do’s and Don’ts

Choosing a professional wedding photography Sydney has for you entails a great deal of challenge. You need to consider a variety of factors to ensure that you can capture photos that you will cherish in a lifetime. It is your big day, a special one at that, so photos have to be how you imagined them to be. With so many options, you can get overwhelmed which is the right one for your needs.

Hence, this is a list of do’s and don’ts that you can review when comparing wedding photographer Sydney services to find the best fit:


•    Start your research immediately. You need to give yourself enough time to look at notable names in the Sydney wedding photography industry. Ideally, you should start your research a year in advance. This will give you enough time to look at portfolios and consider other options.

•    Tap into personal recommendations. This is the easiest way to gather information about certain photographers for wedding events in Sydney. Ask your friends or family members who have recently gotten married. If they can recommend a photographer, take note of these along with the type of feedback provided by your loved ones.

•    Conduct an interview. Make sure you get the chance to interview the wedding photography Sydney team of professionals before you decide to hire them. Set an appointment so you can thoroughly discuss your wedding photography needs. It is also a good time to assess if your personality will jive.


•    Base your decision solely on cost. Just because an individual is offering cheap packages for wedding photography in Sydney does not mean they are the best option for you. On the flip side, an expensive wedding photography package does not always guarantee quality results either. Do not dismiss anything until you have seen their work and evaluated them thoroughly. Most professional photographers have varying packages anyway so you should be able to find one that suits your budget.

•    Look solely at the equipment a photography team has. Even though quality equipment is the key to capturing quality photos, there are several other things to consider. For instance, the skill of the photographer is something that is more valuable than the equipment used.

•    Sign the contract without reading it thoroughly. Make sure you read the contract to ensure that your photographer will be able to cover the event from start to finish. If there is anything that you do not agree on about the contract, communicate it with your chosen photographer so you can meet halfway.

Photography experts say that choosing wedding photography Sydney services is a lot like buying real estate – you get what you pay for! However, if you choose a team of experts like Expert Photography in Australia, what you get is value for money. The team of photographers specializes in wedding and portrait photography. The one factor that sets them apart from other photographers is their commitment to making every wedding a cherished event by capturing them in beautiful photos. To find out more details about their services or view their portfolio, visit the official website at read more

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Top Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Are you looking for a wedding photographer? If you are, you might have a checklist of things to consider during your search for photography professional to hire for the big day. But have you considered the possible mishaps that could arise at the event? While it is unnecessary to stress yourself out over things that should not happen, it is also an important step towards proper planning and preparation. It will help you learn what to steer clear of when hiring a team of videographers and photographers.

If you do not do your research when you hire wedding video and photography professionals, you could pay the price. Here are common mistakes that could happen during your wedding coverage:

1.    Low quality photos due to inability to take advantage of environmental lighting and setup at the venue. Expert photographers understand the concept of utilizing natural light to produce high def video and photos whereas amateur photographers simply take photos and record. Take time to talk to the photographer about how they plan on covering the event so you can assess their skill level with regard to this matter. They cannot assume that you will be able to provide lighting assistance to help them get the best shots!

2.    They should be professional enough to take over coverage of the wedding event. Aside from the wedding’s official photographer, some of the couple’s relatives might also take fancy into capturing photos of the event. Although it might be good for the family to have their own snapshots of the wedding, they should not get in the way of the official wedding photographer to capture the best wedding films and photos. A good and professional photographer will politely introduce themselves to the relatives or guests so they can seamlessly document.

3.    A photographer that simply takes photos. A wedding photographer has one job to do – take photos at the wedding event. However, excellent photographers do not simply capture photos, they also tell a story through their photos. There should be a variety of shots taken at the event, not just portraits of the couple. The guests and loved ones should also have artistic portraits of their own together with candid shots. The wedding photos should reflect the spirit and magic of the very special day.

4.    Skipping the engagement session. This is the first chance that the couple has to interact with the photographers or team who will be tasked to cover the event. Hence, it is also an opportunity to not only take engagement photos but to get a feel for what the wedding photos will be like. Once you get used to the photographers working for you on the wedding, you will be more at ease around them as they cover your big day.

Save yourself from the hassle and worry of hiring an incompetent wedding videographer or photographer. Make sure you work only with an experienced and talented wedding photographer to ensure quality results every single time. With Life Studios Inc., you can guarantee your dream wedding photos and videos will turn into a reality. read more

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