When hiring a wedding photographer or videographer these days, it is quite common to come across SDE in the packages. If you are wondering what this means, it actually refers to same day edit wherein the group of video professionals shoot, edit and present clips of the wedding day at the reception. This provides wedding guests, as well as the bride and groom, a first glimpse into the wedding video. This video is often a short clip (roughly 5-10 minutes in length) that only makes up a small part of the full wedding video.

Most, if not all, videography teams catering to wedding coverage now offer this type of service in their wedding film packages. It is a great opportunity to see for the first time what went on in the first half of the wedding celebration. In fact, there are behind the scenes footages of the wedding preparation, as well as the actual ceremony. It will be shown via large screen for the guests to see at the reception.

When hiring a wedding coverage team, make sure you look closely into their cinematography packages to determine if they include this kind of service. This is often offered only by expert cinematographers because it takes a lot of skill and prowess to be able to pull this off. Same day edits can be highly stressful because you want to ensure that there are enough people covering the event while you do the editing on-site.


To make the most of your same day edit video, it is important to examine the equipment available for the coverage team. The most basic equipment that will be used is a large screen and projector. You need to speak to your wedding photographer and videographer if they will be the one providing this equipment or if you have to coordinate with the venue.

For the best viewing experience, ask the videography team if they are going to shoot and present the video in HD format. The quality of the film is crucial to ensure that every moment captured on video is shown in the highest possible quality. The team should have a back-up plan to ensure that they can show the video clip on-site even if some technical problems might arise.

A final word of warning though: expect to pay a higher price if you are going to avail of the same day edit packages on your wedding. The technical difficulty combined with the skills and equipment needed to pull this off combine to make this a challenging work.

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